Hypnobirthing the Confident CC logo 2 Childbirth way means having the practical tools you need to help you manage the birth of your baby


“ Above all I believe that it’s important that women and  the partners who support them have a sense of confidence. With this confidence it becomes easier for you to manage the sensations and the process of birth, while being in a safe and positive partnership with attending medical staff.” 

Hypnosis for childbirth offers parents a way to aid the process of labour and delivery, using:

– Self-hypnosis: how to go into a state of calm relaxation

– Personal visualisations to aid your labour and delivery

– How to focus and concentrate in order to manage the birth comfortably

– How to remain positive and in control

As you practice these tools, they promote a healthy pregnancy, with a sense of calm, confidence and control. Everything I teach is useful not only for the birth but also for your future as parents to create the calm, loving environment where you can all flourish.

There is now growing evidence from surveys which show, you are much less likely to need either medication or intervention, reducing the risk of side effects for you and the baby, and giving a good start to your new life together. Further research has found shorter labour, less incidence of post-natal depression, and shorter hospital stays.

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Testimonials and feedback from Clients

In the run-up to my elective C-section following a previous emergency C-section but with the potential for a vaginal birth if I went into spontaneous labour prior to the C-section date I felt confused and unsure about what I should focus on in my birth preparation. I found hypnobirthing very helpful in my previous labour so I was keen to do it again but wanted to work 1:1 with someone as I had very specific requirements. Dani was excellent, she really listened and helped us through all our thoughts regarding my previous labour and what I wanted from the next one plus she gave me lots of tools to create a calming environment whichever birth I ended up with. I had my elective C-section in the end and it was fabulous. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dani to anyone.
LM, Thame

Just wanted to let you know that Tobias arrived on Saturday 4th June, weighing 8lb 3oz. He was a week early and I ended up having to be induced because my waters broke and my labour didn’t start naturally.
I used many techniques that we learnt to remain calm whilst trying to encourage the labour and found that during the initial anxiety over cannulas in hands, using hormone drips etc I was also able to stay calm and focused on getting mentally prepared. Labour was pretty fast as the drip was first administered at 12.15 and he was born at 18.37.
I managed with just gas and air and a very supportive and encouraging birth partner! Chris was totally fab and we used the dial down technique with every contraction and counted from 10 down to zero with big breathes in and out accordingly. This totally helped me to remember that they would end. I trusted my body and only ended up with 3 stitches. The midwife was quite amazed that she delivered on her shift from 8am – 8pm and that I coped so well, especially as it is known that the hormone normally intensifies contractions.
I have no idea how I would have been without doing your course but glad I did not have to find out!! Thanks for all your time. I will recommend you to anyone I come across in the area! EA, Oxfordshire

“although the labour and birth didn’t go to plan, the course was still invaluable for the peace it gave me leading up to it” IL, Oxfordshire


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