Free the child within

Do you ever feel like there is a child inside of you, that is crying, sad or needs love or attention? Even if you seem so strong to all around you from the outside?

I know that I have felt like I need to pay attention to the child I was from time to time and this is something that comes up very often in the work I do with clients.

So much of who we are as adults is established in those early formative years when we were trying to make sense of a world that seemed complicated, unfair, or just plain confusing.

I would like to help you communicate with the child in you that needs attention, to be able to understand what the child needed and maybe still needs, to let go of patterns that we created to protect ourselves but now just gets in the way of who we want to be as adults.

It’s one of the reasons I love to work with young people before those behaviours can become ingrained and stuck, while the mind is still flexible and the capacity to adapt is so much easier.

Let me help you like I have helped so many others, it often takes less time and is more solution focussed so that you can be more of the person that you know is within you once freed from patterns of the past

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